RNA sequencing enhances biological insights, offering sensitivity and accuracy. We provide flexible options, tailored to diverse research needs.

RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for deepening our understanding of biological processes. It provides unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy for analyzing gene expression, and has opened new doors for researchers conducting a wide range of studies. We provide flexible RNA sequencing options – from small RNA and miRNA sequencing, to sequencing of the coding transcriptome and the whole transcriptome. Customized options are available upon request.

Whole Transcriptome mRNA Sequencing

Capture is by Poly(dT) oligomers which relies on good quality RNA, and is available for non-degraded samples only.

rRNA Depleted Total RNA Sequencing

 Selective removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) allows for a more efficient analysis in degraded/low quality samples. This option is recommended as last resort for analysis of FFPE samples.