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Express Gene Lab: Miami-based CLIA Certified facility, specializing in genetic testing, including pharmacogenomics. FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. Global biotech leader in genomics services. Shape the future with us.

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Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a CLIA Certified Laboratory located in Miami, Florida. Our focus is genetic testing and we are offer a number of important genetic tests, including pharmacogenomics test. Pharmacogenetic (PGxtesting is a type of genetic test that assesses a patient’s risk of an adverse response or likelihood to respond to a given drug. This gives health care providers insight into what medications to use for a given condition. The PGx test allows physicians to make informed, science-based drug selection and to appropriately adjust the dosing.

Express Gene Lab: Leading COVID-19 Testing and Genomic Solutions

Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory validated laboratory developed test to test for COVID-19, which has received FDA urgent authorization (EUA) license. 

Express Gene is also  a biotechnology company focused on providing tools and services for clinical research applications of genomics. We provide to researchers around the world with services such as, microbiome sequencing,  Exome-Seq, Methyl-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and 16s metagenomics. We offer whole genome sequencing to help you analyze a single cell or assemble and finish the genome of your organism of interest.

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Our Principle: Striving for Precision, Innovation, and Excellence in Genetic Solutions.


Express Gene: Your partner in genomics, dedicated to making every step helpful.


Express Gene: A hub for continual learning, unlocking insights in genomics.


Express Gene: Compassionate guidance in genomics and learning.

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