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Explore a variety of molecular genetic tests at Express Gene with full insurance coverage for comprehensive and personalized healthcare solutions.

Genetic Testing For Your Needs

Express Gene™ Genetic Panels

Understanding your genes can lead to powerful insights and allow for the use of preventive, personalized, and preemptive medicine. Your unique genetic makeup determines everything from eye color to variances in your health and the way your body reacts to medication.

Travel Ready: Same-Day COVID-19 Testing at Express Gene

Do you plan to travel by flight? Visit our lab to get your COVID-19 PCR test and receive same day result !  

Our Goals

Precision Health, Empowered Decisions, Your Wellness.

We use the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques to generate the most accurate results that will be used by your physicians to provide the best care for you and your family. 

We help your physicians and healthcare providers have access to the most accurate data, enabling them to make insightful decisions about your health and well-being. 

 Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory also provides a range of Next-Generation Sequencing services to clinical and research communities. We provide researchers around the world services such as microbiome sequencing,  Exome-Seq, Methyl-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and 16s metagenomics.

About Us

Welcome to “Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory“. Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a CLIA CLIA-certified laboratory located in Miami, Florida. 

We put your family’s health and well-being first by providing accurate and fast results with the most advanced molecular tools available. We invite you to follow our Instagram Page (link below, or @express_gene_molecular_lab), which contains useful information related to COVID-19 and other health-related topics.

Laboratory Overview

Express Gene Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a CLIA Certified Laboratory in Miami, Florida. Specializing in genetic testing, our diverse range includes crucial pharmacogenomics tests.

Pharmacogenetics Focus

Explore pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, assessing a patient’s risk of adverse drug reactions and drug responsiveness. Our goal is to provide the latest advice for your family’s health and safety.

Commitment to Health

Striving to offer the best advice and up-to-date news, Express Gene is dedicated to keeping your family healthy and safe through advanced genetic testing services.